The City Park Boating Lake

Located next to the City Park, the Boating Lake is an island of peace in the middle of the city. After all, are there any better activities than chilling by the lake with the ducks and everything? The best thing however is that the Boating Lake won't be closed in the winter either: from November, it transforms into Budapest's most famous and beloved Ice Skating Park! 

The building itself also worths the admiration. When the Ice Skate Rink first opened back in its day (1870, so it was way back then), there wasn't any magnificfent buildings to start with, only a wooden house which was unfortunately destroyed by a fire. It was a huge thing at that time, but maybe it was for the best - after all, the new building was built and the main architect was no lesser man than Hungarian sececcionist Ödön Lechner.

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