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Music on board

There is no party without proper music and we all know that - that’s why we provide the greatest party music on all of our buses. Keep in mind that the bus rides through a densely populated area so we are not going to blast the music on the highest volume. After all it’s about making memories and having great talks!

how it works

Drink fine cocktails

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice Pina Colada or a cooling Aperol Spritz once in a while? On our Cocktail Bus you won’t have to hold yourself back, as you can drink as much drinks you want. We use premium ingredients so you won’t have to worry about a headache the next day!

how it works

Bad weather? No problem

Usually our buses operate without a roof, however if the weather turns colder, rainy, snowy or extremely windy we put up a mobile roof. So there’s no need of cancelling your reservation in any of those cases, cause we got you covered!

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Stag do

We are ready for the big night - the only question left is: are you?! If you are celebrating your stag or hen do in Budapest, we are happy to serve you with the greatest of cocktails. Traveling with friends without a cause? We are here to take you on an unforgettable night with us - only premium drinks and great fun on board!

how it works

How it works?

If you are interested, you can rent the Cocktail Bus with the drinks and staff. It is possible to book a sightseeing tour or you can ask for any special destination to travel to. The full capacity of the bus is 30 people, so bring your friends and let’s get ready for the party! Please make sure you book well in advance!

how it works

Bigger Events

If you are not interested in traveling around the city, you can also book the Cocktail Bus for a bigger event as a mobile cocktail bar. We provide mixers and drinks too. If you are interested, please contact us to request a quote.

Taste our fine drinks


  •  Classic
  •  Strawberry
  •  Raspberry
  •  Passion Fruit
  •  Mango
  •  Green Apple


  •  Mojito
  •  Tequila Sunrise
  •  Cuba Libre
  •  Pina Colada
  •  Sex on the beach
  •  Long Island Iced Tea
  •  Bus Cocktail

Non alcoholic

  •  Coca-Cola
  •  Red Bull
  •  Sparkling Water
  •  Non Sparkling Water
  •  Tonic
  •  Apple juice
  •  Orange juice

Long drinks

  •  Whiskey Coke
  •  Rum Coke
  •  Vodka Soda
  •  Gin Tonic
  •  Red Bull Vodka
  •  Red Bull Whiskey
  •  Vodka Orange
  •  Vodka Apple

Book your bustour today

First one and a half hour is 485 €/bus after that,
every started hour is an additional 300 €/hour.

The price includes the following:

  •  Bus with a driver
  •  Professional mixer
  •  Bartender
  •  Unlimited drinks

The bus can accommodate 30 people.


Rent the bus

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Rules of the cocktail bus

  • Littering is forbidden.
  • rules
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • rules
  • Wearing a costume while travelling is not allowed.
  • rules
  • Leaning out of the bus is dangerous and strictly forbidden.
  • rules
  • If the passenger arrives drunk and/or heavily intoxicated to the meeting point, the passenger is not allowed to start the journey on the Beer Bus.
  • Act reasonable! If the regulations mentioned above are violated or any of the passengers act in an inappropriate way, our staff have the right to stop the tour immediately and remove the problematic travellers from the bus.
  • rules
  • All passengers are financially responsible for the damages they cause on the trip.
  • rules
  • After the bus stops all those who get off and do not return to the given time, cannot continue the tour.
  • rules
  • People under 18 years of age cannot use the cocktail bus!
  • rules
  • By purchasing the ticket, the passenger accepts the general travel conditions which can be found at

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